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Chinese TLRs
and "pseudo TLRs"
Cangle | Dalian | Eastar | Emei | Five-Goats | Hongmei-5 |
Hua Ying | Hua Zhong | Mudan | Pearl River | Qingdao SF-2 | Rainbow | Seagull 4 | Seagull 4A | Seagull 4B | Seagull 4C |
Seagull 4D | Shanghai | Splendidflex | Temple of Heaven | Wuhan Youyi | YC-75X100
Hong Kong
Bedfordflex | Binaflex | Halina A1 | Halina Prefect | Halina Viceroy | Haking Mirroflex II | Traveller

The Splendidflex was advertised as a "double-lens reflex camera," but it is simply a pseudo TLR for 4×4 cm square images on 127 film. The "focus lens" (actually fixed focus) is f/8, and the shutter offers 1/50 sec. or bulb mode. The Roskoflex is a name variant (perhaps sold by Rosko), and it seems to be the same camera as to the Bedfordflex, Wonderflex, Randorflex and Stellarflex.