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Taisei Kōki K.K. (大成光機㈱) was a Japanese camera maker based in Itabashi, Tokyo in the 1950s.[1]

The company was created in May 1949 by the merge of Narimasu Kōki (成増光機) and Daiyū Kōgaku (大由光学).[2] (The name "Taisei" 大成 was formed of the first characters of the two former company names.)

The company may have at least some distant relation to the company Fuji Kōgaku which existed until 1945.[3] (Taisei Kōki notably used the same Terionar brand name as the former Fuji Kōgaku.)

All three companies Fuji Kōgaku, Katsuma Kōgaku and Taisei Kōki used the Terionar lens name, and they have similar logos, showing a cemented doublet lens scheme, with a protuberance on top, maybe an allusion to Mount Fuji. The logo used by Taisei Kōki on the Welmy range is written TAISEI WELMY.

All the shares of the company were bought in August 1960 by Konishiroku.[2] By the time, the company had ceased to sell cameras under its own name. In 1968, it moved from Itabashi to a new factory in the city of Tsuru (都留市, prefecture of Yamanashi).[2] In 1972, the company name was turned into K.K. Yamanashi Konica (㈱山梨コニカ).[2] In 1983, this was split into K.K. Konica Denshi (㈱コニカ電子, Konica Electronics) and other sub-companies.[4] The company Konica Minolta Electronics Co., Ltd., distant descendent of Taisei Kōki, is still installed in the Tsuru factory.[5]

35mm film cameras

120 film cameras

6×6cm folding

6×6cm TLR

127 film cameras


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