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Airequipt Manufacturing Company Incorporated was a maker of slide projectors, cine-projectors, photo print projectors and projector accessories. In 1963 it sold Japanese still cameras as part of a complete slide photography kit for 89.90 US-Dollars. The camera was rebadged as Airequipt.

The slide photography kit comprised the modern 500 Watt magazine slide projector **Airequipt Superba 33a**, the simple **Airequipt #400** slide previewer, a 40×40 inches brilliantly reflecting projection screen, unrollable on on its metal tripod, the Airequipt viewfinder camera with sewed case and strap, and even a small bulb flashgun with foldable reflector, battery and a few flash bulbs.

The Airequipt camera in that kit was a rebadged Welmy made by Taisei Kōki. It has an optical viewfinder, a Taikor 1:3.5 F=45mm lens, film advance knobs, double-exposure prevention, resetable exposure counter, a flash shoe, and a leaf shutter with bulb mode and speeds 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200 seconds. The lens was advertised as "Fast ultra-sharp Taikor f/3.5 gives you slides you can project to tremendous size, black-and-white images you can blow way up without hint of fuzziness"[1963 ad].