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In the early 1960s a low-volume series of lenses were given the name Taika, available in different SLR mounts but especially Exakta.

The early lenses had been attributed as an export branding used by Taisei Kōgaku Kōgyō K.K., although that firm had begun using its later well-known branding Tamron on some products by the start of the 1960s. The Taika brand was most prominently advertised by New York retailer Seymour's, who had previously attached the brand Optika to an existing Rittreck camera. They (and affilliated Aetna) likely used other suppliers for some "Taika" lenses.

Of particular note is the Taika Harigon 58mm f/1.2 lens, which for its time was an exceptionally fast lens. Up to the present day it is still sought out for its distinctive dreamlike glow and bokeh.

Lenses (observed & advertised)

  • W.Taika Terragon 35/3.5
  • Taika Harigon 50/1.2
  • Taika Doryt 135/3.5
  • Taika Duo-Focus 140/4.5 or 230/7.9 with converter
  • Taika Tele-Coligon 180/3.5 preset
  • Taika Super-Coligon 200/2.8
  • Taika Cinconar 200/3.4 preset (helical focus)
  • Taika Cinconar 8"(210mm)/3.4 for bellows
  • Tele-Taikanar 300/5.6 preset
  • Taika Coligon 360/5.6 preset
  • Taika Cinconar 400/6.3 preset