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Seymour's was an American camera retailer, named for Earl F. Seymour, on West 31st St., New York City, and was a leading Exakta distributor.[1] Beginning c.1958 they notably distributed the Optika[2] or Optika IIa, a rebadged version of the Rittreck IIA Japanese 6×9cm SLR.[3] The Optika brand is also found on the Optika Auto 35, rebadged version of the Auto Terra Super, made c.1959–60 as well.

Seymour's was the originator, or at least the most visible distributor, for Taika lenses.


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  3. A brochure for the Optika IIA appears dated 4-59; reproduced in this page of Takasaki Motohiro's camera site.


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