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Aetna Optix was a US distributor of photo supplies, already active in the 1950s.[1] Its address on 31st St Street, New York city, was apparently under the same roof as Seymour's,[2] and they also distributed the Optika IIa, suggesting the two were related enterprises. Aetna sold camera lenses under various brands, such as Actinar, Coligon or Rokunar.

Aetna was bought in the early 1990s by Brandess-Kalt, itself the result of the acquisition of Kalt Corporation by Brandess Brothers in 1987.[3] The group became Brandess-Kalt-Aetna, abbreviated as BKA. BKA merged in 2010 with Omega to create OmegaBrandess, who as of 2022 still exist.[4]


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