Sony Mavica FD91

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The MVC-FD91 from Sony was the top-end model in the second generation of digital Mavica cameras, introduced in 1998 along with the Mavica FD71 and FD81. It offered a startling 14x zoom range more typical of consumer camcorders (which it resembled), of 5.2–72.8 mm at f/1.8–3.2. This gives a 35mm equivalent range of 37–518 mm. The maximum image resolution was 1024×768 pixels, and like the pioneering Mavica FD5 and FD7 it used standard 3.5" computer floppy disks for storage. At the maximum image-quality settings, a 1.4 MB floppy can store about eight images. With its ungainly body design and image quality lagging even its 1998 peers[1], the FD91 is mostly a curiosity today.


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