Sony Mavica FD81

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The MVC-FD81 is the middle model in the second generation of digital Mavica cameras from Sony, all of which use standard 3.5" computer floppy disks for image storage. It was introduced in 1998 alongside the Mavica FD71 and FD91. Oddly its 3x zoom range is the smallest of the three, with a 5.2–15.6 mm f/2.0–2.1 lens giving a 35mm equivalent range of 37–111 mm. Yet it did raise image resolution to 1024×768 pixels, an improvement over the 640×480 of the original Mavica FD5 and FD7. However with the larger file size, only a maximum of 8 images can be stored on a 1.4 MB floppy disk with "Fine" JPEG compression,.