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Sony's first CSC not called Sony NEX or Sony α NEX but Sony α or Sony ILCE (interchangeable lens camera, E-mount). It is an entry level model for the E-bayonet lenses of the Sony α system, with full-scale amateur camera features from full choice of P/A/S/M-modes to autofocus fine tuning. The adaption of manually focusing lenses is supported by a setting "for use w/o lens" and the focus-peaking feature and all the special lens adapters available for the Sony NEX. The accessory shoe is the same as that of Sony's flagship Sony α99 so that earlier flashes for Sony DSLRs and Minolta Dynax cameras need the new adapter MDP-SAA for use with the α3000.

The camera is one of the cheapest system cameras with EVF, but this electronic viewfinder is the weakest in the market: Small, hard plastic, and in dim light situations often too dark. Thus sometimes the brighter display on the back is the better viewfinder despite of its low pixel resolution.

But Sony didn't care about the complaints[1] and didn't make an update of the viewfinder. Instead it offers the α3500 (only in some countries) with an update of the display. According to David Kilpatrick's test the 18-55mm lens delivered with the α3000 is superior to any earlier 18-55 for Sony NEX cameras. Unfortunately it was replaced by the 18-50mm f/4-5.6 lens (without OSS and MF ring) for the α3500 kits.


  1. Very good sample for fair criticism about the electronic viewfinder in camera test by David Kilpatrick: