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Silvestri is a maker of sophisticated professional medium format and large format view cameras and accessories. It is based in Montespertoli, near Florence, Italy. Most of the Silvestri cameras are designed as modular system-cameras, with most components interchangeable even between different models.

Silvestri also acts as a distributor, mostly for accessories (including Lee and Wratten filters, and Horizon lupes) that might be used with their cameras. The firm once sold the KMZ panoramic Horizont cameras, both the Horizont 202, rebadged as the Pan-35 SL, and the Horizon 205, rebadged as the Pan-120. A digital panoramic camera, the Horizon D-L3, was described as a joint venture between KMZ Zenit and Silvestri, and shown at Photokina 2010.[1][2] The camera is not offered for sale in the online sales page of Silvestri's site, and it is not clear that it was ever manufactured in quantity.


Current Silvestri camera production comprises the following models:


View camera specifically designed for digital photography by use of dedicated adapters for one of the following digital backs:

  • Hasselblad V
  • Hasselblad H
  • Mamiya 645 AFD
  • Contax 645


4"×5" view camera specifically designed for wide-angle photography, with digital, sheet-film or roll-film backs.

Currently produced is the Bicam II model, an improved version of the original Bicam. A model Bicam II NK with Nikon lens bayonet also existed but is now discontinued.

S5 micron

Technical view camera with high-precision micrometric movements control for use with digital backs or 6×7/6×9/6×12 roll film or Polaroid backs.



4"×5" view camera dedicated to studio and outdoor film photography.


Compact view camera dedicated mostly to medium format (6×7/6×9) film photography. Interchangeable backs for 6×12 and 4"×5" are available

H / H25

4"×5" view camera with incorporated telescopic eye-level viewfinder. The viewfinder can be equipped with frame format masks and the mask moves up and down following the lens shifting. Model H and H25 differs only by the vertical lens shifting amount.



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