Shaty 16

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The Shaty 16 (シャティ16) is a Japanese subminiature camera made at prototype level in 1963. It is only known from an entry in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, quoting an article in Nihon Camera January 1964.[1]

The Shaty 16 is described as "comparable to the Minolta 16 or Yashica Y16",[1] certainly indicating a horizontal design using 16mm film. It is said to have an "Electric Eye" cell integrated via a half mirror.[1] This probably means that the camera has automatic through-the-lens exposure.

The camera reportedly won a Prize awarded by the MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, 通商産業省) at the 4th Industrial Design Competition (機械デザインコンクール) organized by the Japanese Industrial Design Center (日本機械デザインセンター).[1] It is said that two models were planned: ordinary (普及) and deluxe (デラックス).[1] Nothing came out of the project, and the manufacturer of the prototypes is unknown.



The camera is not listed in Sugiyama.