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The Micta (ミクタ) is a Japanese subminiature camera, made at prototype level, perhaps in 1952–3. It is only known from an entry in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.[1] This source claims that an article titled "The Micta one-motion subminiature camera" (ワンモーション超小型カメラMICTA) appears in Shashin Kōgyō January 1953. However there is no such article in this issue of the magazine, and this raises doubts on the actual date.

The camera is attributed to Takahama Sachi (高浜祥).[1] This is most probably the name of an individual, and the project was perhaps not backed by a company when it was announced to the press.

The Micta reportedly takes 50 exposures on 16mm film, and has lever advance.[1] The shutter consists of a rotating drum, and gives T, B, 1–400 speeds.[1] The 20/3.5 lens has a built-in filter, which is perhaps retractible.[1]