Konan-16 Automat

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The Konan-16 Automat was Chiyoda's first subminiature camera for 16mm film. Originally it was a development of Konan. Chiyoda added flash synchronization to the camera model.

  • Type: subminiature viewfinder camera (or "spy camera")
  • Manufacturer: Konan and Chiyoda Kogaku
  • Year of launch: 1950
  • Film: Konan cartridge for 16mm, allowing midroll film exchange
  • Frame size: 10×14mm
  • Lens: Chiyoko Rokkor 1:3.5/25mm (3 elements), focusing fixed
  • Shutter: slider shutter, speeds 1/25 to 1/200 sec., flash synchronized
  • Aperture: 1:3.5-1:11
  • Film advance: film is advanced and the shutter is cocked when the camera is pushed shut and reopened
  • Dimensions: 72×46×23mm
  • Weight: 280g


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