Revueflex 5000 EE

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Foto-Quelle sold the Revueflex 5000 EE as a slight variation on the Revueflex 4000 EE. Both were manufactured by Chinon; and while the moved "X" position on the shutter dial implies that it is derived from the CE II Memotron, it lacks that model's eyepiece blind and AE lock button.

Once again this is a camera that enables aperture-priority autoexposure even using universal 42mm screw lenses. Pressing the shutter release halfway stops down the lens and a needle in the viewfinder indicates the shutter speed that will be used. After this continued pressing will trip the shutter.

There is a self-timer, a shutter lock, and a tab in front of the film advance lever which eneables multiple exposures. A much-restyled variation on this model was sold as the Revueflex 4004 & 5005.