Revueflex 4000 EE

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The Revueflex 4000EE was another rebadged SLR camera sold by Foto-Quelle in Europe. It is one of the unusual cameras which offers aperture-priority autoexposure with universal 42mm screw lenses. Pressing the shutter release halfway stops down the lens and a needle in the viewfinder indicates which shutter speed will be used, after which the user continues pressing until the shutter trips. This is a rebadging of a Chinon model, specifically the CE Memotron. (The Revueflex 5000 EE rebadges the Chinon CE II Memotron.)

Without power from the 6 volt silver-oxide battery, only the mechanical "X" speed of 1/100 second will operate.


  • multiple exposure provision
  • shutter from 2sec. to 1/2000 sec
  • TTL measuring
  • FP and X (1/100sec) flash contacts + hot shoe
  • ISO range from 25-3200
  • Auto exposure setting, aperture priority
  • 6V PX28 battery
  • size in mm: 145x97x54,5
  • weight 790 grams