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The C2 is a manual-focus 35mm SLR made by Cosina using the popular K-mount bayonet for interchangeable lenses. The camera offers a choice between match-LED manual exposure setting, and aperture-priority autoexposure. In auto mode, the electronically-timed shutter offers speeds from 1/1000 sec down to 8 seconds. The speeds selectable manually are a conventional 1/1000 to 1 second, with flash sync at 1/60th sec. Pressing the transparent red button on the front of the camera activates a electronic self-timer delay of 10 seconds, with an indicator lamp whose flashing speed becomes more rapid in the final 2 seconds.

The Cosina C3 is essentially the same camera, but with the manually-selectable shutter speeds shifted to 1/2–1/2000 sec. The Cosina C1s bears a cosmetic resemblance, but lacks the electronic shutter and auto-exposure of the C2/C3.

The features of the Cosina C2 mirror those of the Cosina-manufactured Canon T60 and (with modifications) the Nikon FE10. The C2 has also been sold under other names, such as the Revue SC 5 auto and Carena 1000 SX. The C3 has appeared rebranded as the Voigtländer VSL 43, the Phoenix P2, and likely several other names.


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