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RETO Production Ltd. ("RETO", standing for REINVENT TOGETHER) is a camera maker founded in 2018 and based in Hong Kong[1].

In late 2016 they started thinking about creating a new analogue 3D camera, inspired by cameras such as Blair Stereo Weno, Kodak Stereo, Nimslo 3D, Nishika N8000 and Holga 3D. After two years of testing, in February 28, 2019 they launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of their own camera called RETO3D. They reached their goal on April 2, 2019 and started shipping the cameras in July 2019. They launched the camera in the market in October 2019.

Since 2022 they started to work under Eastman Kodak Company license, selling a retro metal Kodak Film Case and producing the half-frame Kodak Ektar H35 camera.

In January 2022 they announced RETOUWS ("RETO Ultra Wide & Slim", clone of the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim), was initially available in 5 colours: Charcoal, Cream, Murky Blue, Pastel Pink and Muddy Yellow. In November 2022 they announced two new colours: teal and olive.