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The Peggy is a 35mm strut-folding camera made by G. A. Krauss in the 1930s. On all the models, the rectangular front standard is mounted on scissor struts. The camera is focused by turning a knob at the top right — as seen by the photographer — easily mistaken for an advance knob. All the models have a Compur shutter (B, 1–300).

The Peggy I has a tubular optical viewfinder only. It was renamed the Peggy Norm after the introduction of the Peggy II. On the early cameras, the shutter is automatically cocked by pushing the scissor struts.[1] On late examples of the Peggy Norm, the shutter is manually wound via an extra lever at the top of the front standard. Chrome finish was available as an option from about the same time. The viewfinder-only model is normally found with a Carl Zeiss Tessar 5cm f/3.5.

The Peggy II has an added coupled rangefinder, with the eyepiece at the far right. It exists in black or chrome finish, and the shutter cocking mechanism evolved the same as on the viewfinder-only model.

The leaflet reproduced below was published by the British importer A. O. Roth. It shows the Peggy II in black finish, with chrome finish available as an option. The list of available lenses is as follows:

In addition to the above list, the camera was also made with the Schneider Xenon 4.5cm f/2. Roth was an importer of Meyer lenses, and it is possible that the Makro-Plasmat and Primotar lens options — which are not reported elsewhere — were specific to the cameras imported by that company.


  1. In the Italian leaflet Peggy Typ Norm, December 1933, the camera still has automatic shutter cocking.


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