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A.O. Roth was the distributor in London for Meyer in the 1920s and 30s. Roth also sold Krauss Peggy cameras and Mentor equipment,[1] and may have made some of their own cameras.[2] An advertisement shown at Camera Eccentric seems to confirm this, referring to the Roth Superspeed Press Camera.[3] The Superspeed Press camera was also advertised in the 1925 British Journal Almanac,[4] as was the Lunar, a rare 'night camera' with an f/2 Meyer lens.[5]

In 1929, Roth sold Leica cameras fitted with a 1⅝-inch f/1.5 Meyer Kino-Plasmat, also well-chosen for available-light photography;[6]


  • Lunar (1925): 4.5x6 cm plate camera with focal-plane shutter and fast lens for available-light photography.
  • Roth Reflex (C1926): 4¼x6 cm SLR made for Roth by Goltz & Breutmann (Mentor).[7]
  • Superspeed Press Camera (perhaps 1925):[3] Strut-folding camera with focal-plane shutter up to 1/1300 second, and with an f/3 Meyer Anastigmat. Advertised in sizes 2½x3½-inch, 3¼x4¼ (quarter-plate), 9x12 cm, 10x15 cm and 4¾x6½-inch.[5]
  • Superspeed Reflex: 4.5x6 cm plate camera with a focal-plane shutter and a 3½-inch f/1.5 Meyer Plasmat.[8]


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