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Osram is a German lighting manufacturer and has been in business since 1919. Products manufactured included filaments, light bulbs, and flash strobe equipment.

Flash strobes

Osram is known for their flash devices featuring a swivel reflector, invented by german Hans-Friedrich Borchers, which is tiltable and splittable for direct and indirect flash at the same time, with a single flash bulb. It was then developed into the Vario reflector, which additionally allows to ”zoom“ the flash angle to match the picture angle of 28, 40 or 85 mm lenses.

Examples of Osram flashes:

  • Osram AF 281
  • Osram AF 282
  • Osram BCS 25
  • Osram BCS 32 and 320
  • Osram BCS 44 and 440
  • Osram B18/2
  • Osram C 250
  • Osram FF 42
  • Osram VS 250
  • Osram VS 300