Osram B18/2

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The Osram B 18/2 is an electronic flashgun with guide number 17 (with film speed ISO 100). It covers an angle of view like a 35mm lens with focal length 35mm. It has one simple mode for which aperture has to be read out of a table on the flash back. On the back are also the on/off-switch, the manual flash release button and the window of the "flash ready" micro neon lamp. Recycling time is depending on the type of battery used. Two AA batteries are needed. Alkaline batteries are the best compromise, recompensing full six seconds recycling time with energy for 250 flash ignitions.

On the front side the flashgun has a switch to choose between three modes: simple mode, automatic flash mode green for distances 1-3m, and automatic mode red for distances 1-6m. Shifted to red or green mode the switch opens the pinhole lens for the flashgun's light sensor. In simple mode the flash duration is always 1/5000 sec. In automatic mode that can be shortened downto 1/45000 sec. due to the enlightment control with that sensor. The flashgun has to be connected to the camera via its detachable cable or via the camera's hot shoe. It can be fixed in a standard accessory shoe by means of the thumb wheel around its foot. Its flashes have the color temperature 5500°.