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"Studio" Model codes

There are several flash models of the Osram "Studio" range which share a model code. I'm currently trying to figure it out.

IF YOU FIND ERRORS OR FIND SOMETHING OUT: Please correct it! I also suggest to build a (combined?) table for a better overview.

Most flash guns feature the swivel reflector (ger: Schwenkreflektor), invented by german Hans-Friedrich Borchers; it is tiltable and splittable for direct and indirect flash at the same time! Some call this the "Vario" reflector, but according to my findings it's only called Vario if it's also zoomable (and computer controlled). There seemingly are two families of flash strobes:

Flash guns of B(orchers?) or Servo type

All models seem to be designed as slave flashes in their primary role. S 18 was even a slave flash *only* and has no sync contacts at all.

▲ ▲
│ │
│ └─ guide number; e.g. 44 = GN 44 @ 100 ASA, 40 mm 
└── letter code, see below

Letters can be:

  1. S = Servo, works as servo flash only and has no double reflector (maybe just S 18)
  2. B = B____?; swivel reflector, B possibly means its inventor Borchers
  3. BC = B____? Computer?; like B + computer controlled
  4. BCS = B____? Computer? Servo; like BC + works as servo (slave) flash
  5. BSD = B____? Servo? Dedicated ; like B + dedicated, works as servo (slave) flash only?

Numbers can be (at least):

  • 18 – S only
  • 25 – B, BC, BCS and BSD
  • 28 – BCS
  • 32, 320 – BCS and BSD only afaik
  • 44, 440 – "on a stick", reflector can also be turned sideways, S, BCS and BSD

Flash guns of "Vario" type

All models possess zoomable swivel reflector and a SCA 300 adapter socket (to control various camera's proprietary hot shoe functions) and came probably equipped with a generic, dumb adapter (no. SCA 301) by factory. However slave functionality is sold via an external sensor.

▲ ▲ ▲
│ │ │
│ │ └─ 0 = upright, 1 = slanted
│ └── guide number; e.g. GN 30 @ 100 ASA, 40 mm 
└─── letter code; see below

Letters can be:

  1. C = Computer?; swivel reflector + computer controlled
  2. V = Vario reflector; like C + zoomable (28 mm, 40 mm and 85 mm settings)
  3. VM = Vario + Multi Control; like V + integrated flash light meter (according to manual of VM 300 Studio)
  4. VS = Vario + SCA; like V + TTL metering via matching SCA adapter (according to print on devices)
  5. AF = Auto Focus; like VS + integrated AF metering module

Numbers can be (at least):

  • 180 – C only
  • 250 – C, V, VS or VM
  • 260 – C at least
  • 280 – VS only afaik
  • 281 – reflector is skewed forward, VS or AF only
  • 282 – like 281 without computer modes, AF only
  • 300 – reflector can also be turned sideways, VS or VM only
  • 320 – C only
  • 321 – reflector is skewed forward, C only

C, V, VS, VM models (at least) where also sold rebranded as Wotan. AF models (at least) where also sold rebranded as Cullmann.