Olympus iS series

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The iS series (also known as L series in Japan) was a range of compact autofocus SLRs with zoom lenses from Olympus. The lenses were not interchangeable, so the term "bridge cameras" was used to describe them - halfway between point and shoot and SLR cameras. Olympus referred to the range as ZLRs (Zoom Lens Reflex). There are two distinct lines in the iS/L Series: the advanced models 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000 which feature everything one would expect in a normal SLR camera, like full control of aperture and shutter speed and various exposure modes, and the simple models 100(S)/200/300 which give much less control of exposure.




  • Olympus iS-3000 (QD), aka iS-3 and L-3000




  • Olympus iS-200 (QD), aka iS-20S and L-20s


  • Olympus iS-300 (QD), aka iS-30 and L-30
  • Olympus iS-50 (QD), aka iS-5


  • Olympus iS-500
  • Olympus iS-5000 aka iS-5 DELUXE

Olympus's Centurion APS film SLR was also a bridge camera related to the IS series.