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The Centurion was Olympus's SLR for the Advanced Photo System (APS). It was called a "bridge camera" or a "ZLR" (Zoom Lens Reflex) since it was a real single lens reflex camera, but with built-in lens. It was more compact than other SLRs for the APS film system. With its 25-100mm f4.5-5.6 high-resolution Olympus zoom lens it covered the zoom-range between wide-angle and portrait. Its back already resembled a modern digital compact or bridge camera, with the LCD screen below the viewfinder and a modern round electronic function selection pad which looks almost like that of a digital camera. It has a built-in flip-up flash with guide number 14. With this design it was obviously a real predecessor of the modern digital bridge cameras.

The camera doesn't offer all the APS system functions, but of course does have the basic ones like three formats and date storage. Its finder ocular has a diopter correction facility. It was part of the Olympus IS bridge camera family. The "IS..."-models of that series were all for 35mm film.


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