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The Nikon F2 is a professional, mechanical shutter SLR system introduced in 1971 by Nikon using Nikon F mount for interchangeable lenses, it is the successor of successful Nikon F. Instead of an upgrade of Nikon F it is a completely new body only sharing with its predecessor the lenses, some accessories and the philosophy.

There are different versions of the F2 depending on the finder attached to the body. The body comes in chrome or in black. The plain prism finder DE-1 also comes in chrome or in black. All other finders are in black only.

  • Standard F2 has the plain prism finder DE-1
  • F2 photomic has the finder DP-1; uses semi-auto indexing so that the twist-twist must be done when mounting a lens. The prong on the lens communicates the aperture setting to the finder.
  • F2S has the finder DP-2; DP-2 is similar to DP-1 except it uses diodes instead of needles to show over- or under-exposure.
  • F2SB has the finder DP-3; DP-3 is an improvement of DP-2 using silicon-blue cells.
  • F2A has the finder DP-11, which is the auto-indexing version of DP-1. An auto-indexing finder does not need the lens prong to indicate the aperture setting.
  • F2AS has the finder DP-12, which is the auto-indexing version of DP-3.
  • F2T or F2 Titan is titanium-clad.

Though very different internally, the F2 was made as ergonomically identical to the original F as possible. Even the weight of the body with the initial DP-1 finder was kept within an ounce of the weight of the departing F with an FTN finder. But the improvements were extensive:

  • Extended shutter speed range of 10s to 1/2000 and 1/80 flash sync
  • ASA 6 to 6400 with initial DP-1 head
  • Larger reflex mirror to minimize viewfinder vignetting with some lenses
  • Shorter 120 degree stroke, and integrated On/off switch in film advance lever
  • Rounded contour body for better ergonomics
  • Rewind crank with a 6mm raised position for easier manual film rewinding
  • Removable hinged back

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