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The F-401/N4004 in the USA is a entry level 35mm auto focus SLR camera manufactured by Nikon in 1987. This camera followed the introduction of Autofocus in the F501/N2020 a few years before, with improved AF sensor and a new body style. The camera was the 1st Nikon SLR to have a built in flash, and had the battery compartment in the grip. The control layout is also different form the previous cameras, with both speed (front dial) and f-stop control on the body (rear dial)

In 1989, another revision with an improve focusing module AM200 was available called F-401S or N4004S in USA was introduced. And in 1991 another revision became available called F-401X or N5005 in the USA. This revision has extended shutter speeds for up to 30 seconds of exposure but still tops out at 1/2000 of a sec. The cameras are powered by 4x AA batteries.

The F-401 stayed as the entry level camera for several years, with the F-601 as intermediate, the F-801 as advanced amateur and the F4 as the professional SLRs by 1989.


  • Type: SLR body
  • Manufacturer: Nikon
  • Films: 35mm, speeds ISO 25 to 5000 (DX-coded) No manual selection possible
  • Lens mount: Nikon AF bayonet
  • Viewfinder: Fixed eye level pentaprism, 0.85x magnification, 92% frame coverage, displays focus indication, under- or overexposure, ready-light for built-in or TTL flash
  • Metering: TTL center-weighted (60/40), meter activated by lightly pressing shutter release button, EV 1 - 19 at ISO 100, f 1.4
  • AutoFocus TTL
  • Shutter: Electronic vertical metallic focal plane shutter, speeds: 1-1/2000 sec
  • Exposure modes:
    • A: aperture priority
    • B: Bulb
    • M: Manual, with speed selecion
    • Exposure memory lock via button
    • F-stops can be either S (automatic) or selected with rear wheel manually
    • P-mode is achieved by matching A in the shutter dial and S in the f-stop dial
  • Built-in Flash GN12
  • Dimensions: 154×102×65.5mm
  • motorized film transport with motorized rewind
  • Shooting modes
    • S: Single shot
    • C: Continuous shot (up to 2.5 fps)
    • Self timer: 10s
  • Battery: 4AA providing 4.8-6V
  • Shutter release MC-12B



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