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See also Misuzu Kōgaku Kōgyō (三鈴光学工業), a camera maker which was certainly unrelated.

Misuzu Shōkai (i.e. Misuzu Trading Company) was a Japanese distributor, based in Tokyo, Ginza,[1] from 1922 to the mid 2000s.


The company was founded on June 1st, 1922 as simply Misuzu Shōkai (美篶商会). It was selling field and studio cameras in the 1920s (see below), as well as other photographic supplies. It used the brand name CH for various products in the 1920s and 1930s.

The company became K.K. Misuzu Shōkai (㈱美篶商会) on May 16th, 1936.[2] In Spring 1937, it introduced the Midget, Japan's first successful subminiature camera. The company sold other cameras under its own brands, and distributed cameras until 1944; at that date, it had shops in Tōkyō, Nagoya, Sapporo, Ōsaka, Kyūshū and Seoul.[3]

After World War II, Misuzu advertised cameras again from about 1947 to the early 1950s. On June 24th, 1965, it changed its name again to Misuzu Shōkai K.K. (美スズ商会㈱, abandoning the kanji character, whose reading is hard to guess).[4] The company was still in existence in 2004.

Cameras sold by Misuzu Shōkai under its own name

The website of the company said that the Midget was made by Misuzu itself.[5]

Other cameras sold by Misuzu Shōkai

As a distributor

As an authorized dealer

Field and studio cameras

Misuzu Shōkai advertised field and studio cameras in the 1920s and 1930s. The advertisement in the November 1924 issue of Ars Camera lists two different studio cameras in yotsugiri format (25.4×30.5cm).[6] The less expensive one, at ¥250, has four standing legs and is pictured in the advertisement. The more expensive one, at ¥450, has two standing legs. The latter probably corresponds to the Misuzu studio camera model A (ミスズ写場用暗函A號) pictured in the December 1926 advertisement in Ars Camera.[7] The February and November 1927 advertisements in the same magazine show the four-legged model again, called Misuzu model D (ミスズD號) and the Jupiter (ジュピター號) field camera.[8] The March 1928 advertisement in Asahi Camera shows the Jupiter and the Misuzu model A.[9]

As of 1936, Misuzu Shōkai was advertising smaller kabine-size field cameras under the CH brand, notably shown in the April 1936 advertisement in Asahi Camera, reproduced below.[10] They were available with either double or triple extension bellows, respectively priced at ¥25 and ¥30, including three plate holders and a tripod.

Accessories sold under the CH brand

This list is certainly incomplete:

  • CH accessory rangefinder[11]
  • CH self-timer[10]
  • CH flashguns[10][12]
  • CH tripods[10][13][12]
  • CH darkroom accessories[10]
  • CH enlargers, sold with Heliostar 75mm f/6.3,[14] 105mm f/6.3,[15] or Oscar Anastigmat f/5.6 lenses[12]
  • CH Apollo enlarger, sold with Spender[16] Anastigmat 75mm or 105mm f/4.5 lenses[17]

The CH brand was also used on a few cameras (see above).

Other advertisements


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