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Miller Outcalt was an Ohio-born entrepreneur who, together with his wife Bunny, became a successful photographic supplier based in Santa Monica (CA), trading under the KALT and Milo / Mil-O brands.[1] Founded in the late 1940s, the business was sold in 1983 to the photo distributor Brandess Brothers[1] They later acquired Aetna to form BKA (Brandess Kalt Aetna)—which after 2010 merged to form OmegaBrandess who (as of 2022) still exist.[2]

After the deaths of the Outcalts an endowment was established in their names to support UC Santa Cruz's special collections in photography.[3]



  • Numerous KALT-branded accessories and lenses, still current as of 2022[5]
  • Mil-O Filters [6]
  • Mil-O Lightmeter[7]
  • Mil-O lens hoods[8]
  • Mil-O accesssory rangefinders[9]


  • Miller Outcalt autobiographical reminiscences (Miller Outcalt photographs. MS 234. Special Collections and Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.)


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