Beauty 35

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Introduced in 1955, the Beauty 35 was the first 35mm fixed-lens viewfinder camera by Taiyōdō Koki. It had a film-advance lever rather than a knob.

  • F.C. Beauty 45mm f/3.2 front-element focusing four element lens.
  • Shutter with speeds B, 1 - 1/300.
  • Large Albada viewfinder.
  • Cold shoe

The Beauty 35 was also rebadged as the Gen 35, Milo 35 (or MIL-O sold by Miller Outcalt) and the Ward 35 (sold by Montgomery Ward). The Ward had a number of differences to the Beauty/Milo, including a different lens and shutter, plus several minor styling changes including the film advance and rewind controls.