Mamiya Six Design Variations

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This is a work in progress.

This page provides a visual overview over the various design elements of the Mamiya Six series of folding cameras. The images have been provided to allow the use an accurate identification of the various models and variants. You are strongly advised to use the dichotomous key provided on the main Mamiya Six page, as this will guide you in the identification of models.

Lenses and Shutters

The Mamiya Six was manufactured in a wide range of lenses and shutters. That holds particularly true for the pre-War and War period, when prospective buyers could even bring in their own shutters and lenses to be fitted. Note that the lens and shutter combinations have been arranged alphabetically, not chronologically.

Flash Contacts

Double Exposure Prevention

Body Shape Variations

Name Plate

Rangefinder Windows (front)

Flash Shoe

Bottom Plate

Film Counter Window

Pressure Plate Support

Front Door Variations

Door Catch Variations

Pressure Plate


This is a work in progress.

Knobs and Struts

Film Advance Knob

Front Door Release

Shutter Release

Strut Mechanism

Lettering and Labelling

Frame Counter

Depth of Field Indicator

Film Advance Lock

Focus Wheel

Made in Japan

Labels on the Inside


This is a work in progress.

PAGE FIFTEEN -- Rangefinder Technology

This is a work in progress.