Konica MT-7

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Part of the MT (Multi) series of compact cameras from Konica, the MT-7 was the most basic model. Sharing the same basic body of the MT-9 and MT-11, it has only a fixed focus lens, with a fixed shutter speed. Available in black and red, it was very similar to so many other cheap Konicas from the 80s, such as the Pop, Tomato or EFP3, only featuring motorwind.


  • Lens: Konica 36 mm, f/4 (4 elements in 4 groups).
  • Focus: Fixed focus, 1,5 m to infinity.
  • Shutter: Fixed shutter speed of 1/125s.
  • Flash: Built-in, manually activated. Toggle for close distances.
  • Film speed: Aperture coupled to selected film speed: f/8 for ISO 100, f/11 for ISO 200, and f/16 for ISO 400.
  • Film advance: Motorwind.
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries, CR2025 for optional date back.
  • Dimensions: 128,5 x 71,5 x 54,5 mm.
  • Weight: 265 g.