Konica Tomato

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The Konica Tomato is a fixed focus 35mm film camera from Japanese manufacturer Konica, basically a red Pop-10. A switch on the front enables taking photos at a distance of 1,5 - 2 m. It uses shutter with a single speed of 1/125s. The Konica lens is a 35 mm f/4, that is protected by a sliding door covering when not in use. Three film speeds are supported including 100, 200, 400 ASA is three apertures. Film is advanced with a thumb wheel. A window is on the film back as a reminder of the current film type. Flash LN 10. 1.5V AA battery.

Konica Dynamite

In 1992 as Konica Dynamite for the danish gold in the European Mastership of Soccer, Göteborg Sweden