Kodak DCS 200

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The Kodak DCS 200 was the second digital SLR released by Kodak, in 1992. It is based on the body of a 35mm film camera, the Nikon F801 (N8008), but with a digital back fitted, including a 1524 x 1012 pixel (1.5 megapixel) sensor and up to 80 Mb of hard disk storage. The system can also attach an external hard disc via the (DB25) SCSI interface. This was a breakthrough compared with the earlier Kodak DCS 100, which only operated with an umbilical cord connected to a separate storage module. The sensor dimensions of 14×9.3 mm result in a severe "crop factor" of 2.5x relative to the lens field of view with 35mm film. Another quirk is the separate sets of AA batteries for the camera (four) and the digital back (six). Still it is a notable early landmark on the road to the modern digital SLR.


DCS 200c DCS 200ci DCS 200m DCS 200mi DCS 200ir
Format Colour B&W IR
Sensor 9.2 x 13.8 mm (M5)
Resolution 1524 x 1012
ISO 50, 100, 200, 400 100, 200, 400, 880
Hard drive No Yes No Yes Yes
Photo storage 1 50 1 50 50
Interface SCSI