InstantFlex TL70

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The InstantFlex TL70 is an instant TLR camera manufactured by Mint and released in 2015.

The camera began shipping in September 18, 2015 for the initial (Early Bird) 250 units produced. It was priced at HK$2,480.

The name of the camera is derived from TL for Twin Lens, 70 is from Polaroid SX-70. The camera uses a 3-elements, 65.4mm taking lens. It is capable of focusing from a distance of 48cm to ∞. Focusing can be adjusted with a wheel on the left side. There are meter distance markings on the dial with 0.48, 0.6, 0.8, 1.2, 2.0 and ∞. The aperture can be adjusted on the bottom chin with a dial. A window displays the steps from f/5.6, f/8, f/16, f/22, a star indicates the bokeh mode.

The shutter is a five bladed design with speed from 1/500 to 1 sec in A aperture priority mode and in B bulb mode which can be used for up to 10 seconds. There is no cable release, so it requires pressing and holding the shutter release button. The exposure mode can be changed with the A/B switch on the left hand base of the finder. Exposure can be adjusted ±1 EV step with a slider below the focus wheel.

Lifting up or collapsing the view finder hood powers on and off the camera. The sports finder can be used by pressing the front of the finder until it locks and withdrawn by pinching the sides of the hood. A magnifier on the hood can also be used for more careful focusing. The finder screen has markers to indicate the proper capture size. In the middle of the screen is a cross pattern in the centre. To the left are two LED status indicators in green on top and orange on the bottom. Half pressing the shutter button will activate the light meter. A solid orange indicates improper exposure; either under or over exposure. A blinking orange means power is low. Blinking green is for flash charging and solid green for "all systems go".

After the shutter is released, use the film eject button. The film will travel vertically upwards and eject in the back interior of the viewfinder hood. The built-in electronic flip-up flash is under the nameplate that can be released with a button on the left of the nameplate. Multiple exposure is possible, as the camera does not have automatic film ejection after each exposure. Images are captured in a portrait format on Instax Mini film. Power is from 3x AA batteries, located on the base of the camera. After 20 minutes of inactivity, the camera will rest in a power saving mode. A tripod thread is also provided.

On 2016/05/30, a minor upgrade version 2 with 5x brighter screen, and improved shutter an aperture mechanism was released. In 2018 variation were released with Rolleiflex branding.