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The Industar-22 is a lens of standard length produced for a number of 35 mm cameras made by KMZ in the Soviet Union from 1948 into the 1950s. It is a 5 cm f/3.5 Tessar-formula lens. It was first made as a collapsible lens in Leica 39 mm screw-mount, for the Fed and Zorki rangefinders, which resembles Leica's collapsible Elmar.

A rigid model was made for the Zenit 1 SLR. This also has a 39 mm screw mount, but is substantially shorter than the collapsible model because the body of the Zenit is deeper than the rangefinder cameras, to accommodate its mirror. With a short extension tube this lens (or its successor the rigid I-50) could be used on a rangefinder camera.

Both collapsible and rigid models can accept 36 mm slip-on or clamp-on hoods and filters (Leica's 'A36' fitting). The rigid lens also has an M33 x 0.5 filter thread. In the late 50's the I-22 was succeeded by the I-50, a recalculation of the same design, described as of higher quality.[1]


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