Ilford Sprite 35

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The Ilford Sprite 35 is a 35mm viewfinder camera made in England by Agilux in the UK for Ilford, and also sold as the Agiflash 35 and the Wards Econo 35.

The whole of the camera body is made from plastic and came with flash attachment (not in photo below). The camera has a fabric neck strap built into the body which cannot be removed without taking the camera to pieces.

It has a very basic single element meniscus lens with a maximum aperture of f/8.

The camera has three apertures (waterhouse stops in this case) of f/8, f/11 and f/16. The shutter speed is 1/40th of a second. [1]

Film advance by lever, but without the conventional sprocket drive. You have to move the lever all the way until it clicks the shutter lever back into place or the camera won't fire the next shot.


  1. I measured this myself with my shutter speed tester, I'm uncertain if this was the original speed as the springs may have become slack with age.