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Holga has made a number of pinhole cameras and lens attachments.


The first was the Holga 120PC based on the original Holga 120S and uses a 0.25mm f/192 pinhole lens. There is no built in shutter release socket, but a optional release cable accessory SRS-120 can be obtained.

In 2005, the Holga 135PC was released and is based on the Holga 135 and uses a 0.25mm f/172 pinhole lens.

The Holga 135 Pan is a panoramic 24x72mm camera. It has a interchangeable lens set that includes a 0.25mm f/236 pinhole.

The Holga-120WPC is a medium format based panoramic pinhole camera that captures images in 6x12 using a 0.30mm f/133 pinhole lens. The shutter release is found on the right hand side of the lens surround and the same one found on the Holga 135 with a screw-in cable release socket. To frame the photo, it uses marking on the top plate of the camera to give a approximate view. There is a bubble level on the top plate of the camera. The base of the camera has a tripod socket.

The Holga 120PC-3D is a 6x6 medium format based stereo pinhole camera. The body is similar to the Holga-120WPC. It uses two 0.30mm pinhole lenses. It uses a frame finder to compose the photos. The shutter release is found on the right hand side of the lens surround and mounted horizontally, a screw-in cable release socket can be attached to the release.


  • Holga HPL-C - pinhole Canon EF mount
  • Holga HPL-N - pinhole Nikon F mount
  • Holga HPL-P - pinhole K-mount
  • Holga HPL-S - pinhole A-mount
  • Holga HPL-O - pinhole Olympus digital
  • Holga HPL-OP - pinhole Olympus Pen digital
  • Holga HPL-PLG - pinhole Panasonic Lumix digital
  • Holga HPL-SN - pinhole Sony NEX digital