Holga 135

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The Holga 135 is a compact 35mm film camera from Holga released in about 2005. A variation called Holga 135BC is also available that has a more vignette effect with Black Corners.

The camera uses a plastic 47mm f/8 lens. It uses a zone focusing system mark on the lens for 1m, 2m, 6m and 10m+ for single, family, group and mountain icons. There are two aperture settings adjustable with a sliding switch, sunny for f/11 and cloudy for f/8. The shutter speed is at 1/100 of a sec. The shutter release has a screw-in cable release socket. Loading film requires pulling up the film rewind crank which opens the back. The film is advanced by a thumb wheel. There is a film counter window that can automatically reset when the back opens. A standard hot shoe is on the top centre of the camera. The base has a tripod socket and a film rewind release button.