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The Hanimex Mini is an ultra-compact viewfinder cameras for 110 film cassettes launched around 1972 by Hanimex. It was designed by Jerry Arnott and made by Haking whom sold the similar Halina Super-Mini 88. The camera uses Magicube Flashcubes. A later version known as the Hanimex Mini 218 uses Flipflash.

The camera uses a similar self-encapsulating camera body concept to the Agfamatic 508 sensor, but also covers the shutter button when closed. The camera has a fixed focus 2 element 25mm with a fixed f/9.5 aperture. The shutter is fixed at 1/90 in normal use and 1/50 with magicubes. It has a reverse Galilean optical viewfinder.

There are several versions with subtle changes usually in the shutter button.