Gossen Variosix F

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Gossen Variosix F

Maker: Gossen

Dates: 1990-2000

Variants: Variosix F, Variosix F2

Type: Electronic ambient and flash exposure meter

Display: Digital LCD

Sensor: SBC (silicon blue diode)

Measurement angle: ca 30° reflected, 180° incident

Multiple measurements: Flash

Ambient sensitivity: -2 to +18LV (F) -2.5 to +18LV (F2)

Flash sensitivity:

ASA/ISO range: ISO 3.2 to 8,000

Incident light: Yes

Reflected light: Yes

Flash measurement: Yes

Aperture range: f 1 to 90

Time range: 1/8,000s to 60 minutes

Battery: 9V

Weight: 125g (F) 120g (F2)

The 1990 Gossen Variosix F (in US Luna-Star F) is a hand held exposure meter with microprocessor controlled electronic display & operation. The enhanced F2 has improved sensitivity. The Variosix F / F2 are much smaller and lighter than any of the earlier Gossen professional exposure meters and different from the earlier "shoebox" design.

The Variosix F replaced both the Mastersix and Multisix meters to become Gossen's flagship professional meter (the meter is not related at all to the earlier Variosix).

The display is inclusive showing all available options and major settings, including a reminder that compensation has been set. In addition to digital display of the computed f stop, a linear display shows aperture to the nearest half stop.


Primarily intended for incident light measurement, it is also possible to remove the translucent incident light dome allowing reflected light measurement. The Variosix F has two incident domes, one marked +5, for extended measuring range. The F2 was supplied with only one dome and has slightly increased sensitivity. A selective / spot measuring attachment can be fitted (none of the earlier meter attachments will fit).

The meter has two main operating modes, "t" & "f", allowing either shutter speed or aperture to held when making a new measurement. After measurement the up / down buttons can be used to scroll through the matching exposure settings.

A short press of the "M" button displays a single reading, holding down "M" and moving the meter before releasing will display high / low settings for the measured regions.

When measuring flash the meter displays contrast between flash and ambient light. Flash measurement can be triggered by the flash itself or the built in pc cable socket.

As well as allowing manually input correction factors, the meter can directly measure and store the correction factor for a filter. This is done by pointing the meter at a steady light source and measuring the reference illuminance, before measuring a second time with the filter in front of the light receptor.

The last metered reading is held in memory and can be recalled by pressing any button apart from M (which makes a new reading).


Earlier accessories will not fit the Variosix F, instead one accessory is available:

  • Tele attachment 5° selective measurement