Gossen Variosix

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The 1968 Gossen Variosix Electronic, also called Polysix Electronic, (in US Multibeam Electronic) exposure meter combined a conventional hand held meter with built in selective metering. For reflected readings the meter provides three angles of measurement: 10°, 20°, and 30°.

There are two apertures in the front face, one for the light cell and one for the built in viewfinder.

It is also a type of zero or null pointer measuring meter. It measures with CdS sensor.


Two leds are on the front panel, for measurement the large computer dial is rotated until both have equal brightness. Exposure settings may then be read directly from the scale.

Low light vs. high light range is selected by pushing the red vs. the green side of the balance switch (on the left), reading the scale in the corresponding red or green zone.

A small white plastic sliding dome allows measure of direct light.