Gossen Mastersix

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Gossen Mastersix

Maker: Gossen

Dates: 1983-1990

Variants: None

Type: Electronic ambient and flash exposure meter

Display: Digital LCD

Sensor: SBC (silicon blue diode)

Measurement angle: ca 45° (reflected)

Multiple measurements: Flash

Ambient sensitivity: -4 to +18LV

Flash sensitivity:

ASA/ISO range: ISO 1 to 800,000

Incident light: Yes

Reflected light: Yes

Flash measurement: Yes

Aperture range: f 0.7 to 90

Time range: 1/4,000s to 8 hours

Battery: 9V

Weight: 240g

The 1983 Gossen Mastersix (in US Ultra-Pro) is the first microprocessor controlled light meter made by Gossen and replaced the earlier Profisix professional meter. The Mastersix continued the "Profi-System" meter line of the Profisix, accepting the same range of electrically connected accessories for extended functionality such as colour temperature and enlarger measurement. The "Profi-System" line of meters ended with the Mastersix.

The meter provides incident and reflected measurement for both ambient and flash light, with additional measurement possibilities using accessories.

At 240g the Mastersix is one of the heaviest hand held meters made.

In 1990 it and the related Multisix were replaced by the Variosix F


The Mastersix has two measurement modes for photometry and photographic exposure (photometric measurements, such as colour temperature, with attachments). Another selection is ambient, flash, or fill in flash. The display shows metered aperture and shutter speed, a rocker button allows scrolling up / down through matching settings.


The Profi-System accessories have electrical connections and will only fit the earlier Profisix and Mastersix (other clip on accessories fit all professional meters of the time). Size ranged from the quite small Profi-lab to the Profi-spot which is larger than the meter itself.

The full range is:

  • Profi-flash: flash metering (not required for Mastersix)
  • Profi-lux: photometric light measurement (flat diffuser)
  • Profi-colour: colour temperature measurement
  • Profi-tele: 15° and 7.5° selective metering
  • Profi-spot: 10°, 5°, and 1° spot metering (earlier version 7.5° and 1°)
  • Profi-flex: flexible measurement probe, especially for large format cameras
  • Profi-lab: enlarger exposure measurement
  • Profi-repro: reproduction light measurement
  • Profi-micro: microscope exposure measurement
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