Fujica ST605

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The Fujica ST605 is a 35mm SLR made in Japan by Fuji, introduced in c.1976. This model updates the previous ST601, with the main difference being voltage changes to the meter circuitry, which abandoned dependence on the use of mercury cells and allow the camera to operate using 1.5v modern batteries. This remains a stopdown-metering model despite the earlier ST801 having introduced an open-aperture metering adaptation to the M42 lens mount.

It accepts Praktica/Pentax screwmount Lenses, and its rubberized silk curtain focal plane shutter runs from 1/2 to 1/700s (plus B). It features stopped-down TTL center weighted averaging metering via two Silicon photo-cell receptors coupled to a FET (Field Effect Transistor) circuit, and a viewfinder center-the-needle exposure setting system. Focusing is via a central split image rangefinder, with a surrounding mirco-prism area, and ground glass. DOF preview available via stop down metering.

The Fujica ST605N, released in 1978, is an updated ST605 with the only apparent change being the shutter speed setting is indicated by a viewfinder pointer.

A Fujica ST605 II followed, but it appears to have been sold only in the home market.