Fujica ST605 II

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The Fujica ST605 II was the last camera produced by Fuji to use the M42 derived screw lens mount.

It appears to have been introduced in 1979, sold only to the Asian market, and was probably produced for a short time as this was the year in which Fuji started to switch to the x-bayonet mount.

Functionally, the ST605 II is a cross between the ST605 and the ST705w. The shutter, with its 1/700th sec., top speed, came from the ST605. The open aperture metering system, lens mount lock, and shutter release lock came from the ST705w. However, the ST605 II did not have the viewfinder shutter speed needle pointer of the previous ST605n, nor motor drive connectivity found in the ST705w.

Despite the camera's capability to meter at full aperture, it was supplied with a Fujinon 55mm f/2.2 lens, made specifically for the 600 series cameras, and which required stop-down metering.


Fuji created a modification to the standard 42mm screw mount, adding a very small tab on the back of the aperture ring to communicate with the body's light meter to permit open-aperture metering. Unfortunately, Auto Fujinon lenses are sometimes found to have had their aperture coupling tab filed off. Unmodified lenses do fit many M42-mount camera bodies, but some lens mount flanges (or lens adapters) are wide enough in diameter cause the aperture tab to prevent flush seating of the lens, which stops infinity focus from being achieved.

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