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The Ensign Roll Film Reflex is a range of SLR cameras made in the 1920s by Houghton for 2¼x3¼-inch (6x9 cm) pictures on 120 roll film. The same name refers to two models, of rather different levels of specification. These are both very poor cousins of the Ensign Reflex cameras made in larger sizes for plates; they have only a 'T' and 'I' shutter, rather than the focal-plane shutter which is the heart of the larger SLRs. There is another model, the Ensign Focal Plane Roll Film Reflex which has this.

The picture here shows a horizontally-oriented camera, with only a 'T' and 'I' shutter, but with a focusing anastigmat lens. Early Photography shows a tropical example of this camera, made from uncovered teak, with brass fittings.[1] Another example of this has been seen at Westlicht.[2] The horizontal camera is interestingly arranged: the film winding key is in front of the folding hood, as is the focusing knob. The camera has tripod bushes on the bottom and side.[2] It was also sold by Butcher as their Reflex Carbine.

Early Photography also shows a vertically-oriented 2¼B Roll Film Reflex, with a fixed-focus meniscus-achromat lens and 'T' and 'I' shutter.[3] The lens is an f/8 for viewing, stopped down to f/11 by a fixed stop that moves into position as the shutter is released.[4] McKeown lists this simple camera under the name Ensign Roll Film Reflex.[5] The notes at Early Photography state that that the opening blade of the shutter is attached to the reflex viewing mirror (rather like the Exa or Pilot Six).[3] The cameras are wooden-bodied; they were available in either black leather or (supposedly) wood-grain patterned cloth finish.[4][5]

That these two rather different cameras were regarded by Houghtons as part of the same range is illustrated by an advertisement in the BJP Almanac for 1925.[4]


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