Ensign Focal Plane Roll Film Reflex

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The Ensign Focal Plane Roll Film Reflex, also sold as the Speed Film Reflex,[1][2] is an SLR camera for 2¼x3¼-inch exposures on 120 film, made by Houghton from about 1928 to 1936.[1][2] It is similar in form to the horizontally-oriented Ensign Roll Film Reflex, but whereas that camera has only a T&I shutter, this model has a cloth focal-plane roller shutter, running vertically. The camera has a reflex focusing screen, taking up approximately the rear half of the top of the body; over this is a folding leather hood. The focus knob is at the front of the left side; the camera focuses down to 3 feet. The shutter control is at the rear of the right side. The shutter is tensioned with a wind-knob, similar to that on the larger Ensign Reflex SLRs, but the speed selector is a small lever, concentric with the knob, with click-stop positions giving at least six instantaneous speeds, plus Time. There is also a separate Time/Instantaneous selector controlling the mirror's return function, again as on the larger SLRs. The shutter release is on the front, by the lens, and is threaded for a cable release. The lens on the example seen is a 100 mm f/4.5 Ensar Anastigmat, stopping down to f/32;[3] other lenses were also offered.[1][2] The film winder is on top of the body, in front of the focus hood. There is a cover over the red window, which releases the pressure of the film pressure plate when opened, to allow the film to be wound (the Duo-Ensign 2¼B also has this feature). The notes at Early Photography cite a patent covering the design of this red-window cover.


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