Canon EOS D2000

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The EOS D2000 is one of Canon's earliest DSLR cameras, from 1998. It comprises an EOS-1N camera with added digital components made by Kodak. It was also sold by Kodak as the DCS 520. A higher resolution 6 megapixel sensor version was also released as the Canon EOS D6000 or Kodak DCS 560.


It has a 2 million pixel CCD sensor. Images are produced in 1,728 x 1,152 pixel TIFF format files. JPEG files can also be generated on later revisions of the firmware. Files are stored in PCMCIA (PC card) in type I / II (2 slots) or III (1 slot) format. The computer interface has changed from SCSI for the previous models to IEEE 1394 firewire. There is also a 1.8" colour LCD display to review photos. Previous Kodak DCS EOS cameras lacked a LCD display.