Canon EF-M

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The Canon EF-M is a 35mm manual focus SLR camera and was released by Canon in 1991.

It’s essentially an EOS 1000 or Rebel camera with the autofocus circuitry taken out. Also removed is TTL flash capability as well as the top LCD panel. It was designed as a basic camera suitable for learning photography.

It uses Canon EF-compatible lenses in manual focus mode. On lenses with AF/MF or AF/M switches, slide them to MF or M for proper usage. There are some lenses without a manual mode, these are incompatible with this camera. The finder has a magnification of 0.75x and approx. 90% field coverage. The focusing screen has spit image micro prism to ease focusing. The meter is a TTL based full-aperture system using SPC photo sensor with evaluative and center-weighted averaging. It has a metering range of EV 2 to 20 (50mm f/1.4, ISO 100).

There is a shutter speed dial on the left camera shoulder and an aperture dial on the right shoulder. Their location is a bit flawed, as moving the shoulder buttons a few millimeters back so that they overhang a bit would have been a great improvement to the design. They contain 'A' markings for aperture priority Av exposure mode, and shutter priority Tv exposure mode. Set the shutter dial to A and adjust the aperture value to use Av mode. Set the aperture dial to A and adjust the shutter value for Tv mode. Set both shoulder dials the A for program exposure mode. Metered manual exposure mode is possible with shutter speeds settings ranging from 1/2 to 1/1000, with 1 sec in silver and 2 sec printed in yellow. The meter manual mode is not very intuitive as it only contains a + and - indicator in the finder. The lighting bolt icon is used for 1/90 flash sync speed and is compatible with the Canon 200M speedlght. B is for the bulb mode, and is mostly useless because there is no cable release. Aperture selection dial has settings for f/1 to f/32. Exposure compensation can be use by pressing and holding the 'EXP. COMP' button and pressing the up and down buttons. It can be adjusted by ± 2 EV stops, in ½ stop increments. A self timer is provided; to use hold the timer button and press the shutter release, the delay is approx 10 seconds.

The film transport is motorized with automatic advance, rewind and mid-roll rewind. The film is loaded in a pre-wind fashion so that exposed shots are advanced into the film canister. It is compatible with DX encoded film, but it can also be manually set by using turning the aperture dial to ISO and pressing the up and down buttons to change settings view able in the finder. A reminder window is on the camera back to view the film information on the canister. It is powered by one 6V 2CR5 battery.