Canon EOS 1000

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The Canon EOS 1000 dating from 1991-93 is a "prosumer" 35mm film SLR with auto-focus and auto-exposure. It was manufactured in Taiwan. The most basic version are available as the EOS Rebel in the Americas and EOS 1000 in Europe and elsewhere. The variations with built-in flash are known in the Americas as EOS Rebel S; in Europe and elsewhere as the EOS 1000F. The EOS 1000F QD-P is available in Japan and offers flash, QD date as well as a panorama function.

To make things even more confusing, date back version of the European and Japanese EOS 1000 (without flash) was known as EOS 1000 QD. European EOS 1000F (with flash) date versions are called EOS 1000F QD.

There are a range of automatic, manual and scene modes: Fully manual; Fully automatic; Sports, people, animals, landscapes and macro. The self-timer (12 seconds) can play a choice of music instead of a beeping countdown. It utilizes lenses with the EOS EF mount, and was typically sold with a 35-80mm f4-5.6 zoom.

The vertical-travel, focal-plane electronic shutter runs from 30 sec. - 1/1000 sec. +B, with X-sync up to 1/90 sec via a hot shoe fitted for Canon's TTL auto-exposure flash with off-film metering. Power was supplied by a 2CR5 6v battery.

The EOS 1000 was sold in several newer minor variants. Known as 1000S, 1000N, 1000FN, Rebel S. They feature an improved faster and quiet shutter mechanism. For those cameras refer to Canon EOS 1000N.