Ansco Memo

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The Ansco Memo is an American 35mm camera introduced in c1926-27[1], using Ansco's own cassette system (35mm cassettes would not be standardised until 1934). The film traveled vertically, as in a movie camera; and each frame was half the size of the 24x36mm format popularized by the Leica for stills cameras.

The earliest version of the Ansco Memo box camera was made of varnished wood. The wooden housings of the later versions were covered with leather. Several months after the Memo began receiving its leather covering, a shutter release guard was added, to prevent accidental shutter actuation.

The Memo features a claw-based film-advance mechanism, like a cine camera, rather than a sprocket system as on a conventional 35mm camera. It made 50 exposures 18×23mm.


  1. There is some argument about this; see Scott's Photographica Memo page